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Join us in cyberspace

in a digital, interactive and live


The perfect break for your digital conference, afterwork, kickoff or staff party.

With a few simple steps

You or we invite all participants to your digital meeting platform such as ZOOM.

We connect to the meeting from our studio and you from the place of your choice.

And just like that, our professional artists are ready to entertain you!

We decide the length of the feature together with you. Maybe you just want a couple of songs as a break in the meeting? We fix it!

Below are two suggestions for layout:

21_01_05 Musikquiz 002.jpg


A short and simple arrangement where our artists sing a couple of songs just for you and your meeting participants.

Runtime: 10-20 min

Price: 4 500 SEK (exl moms)

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Music Quiz

Our artists perform songs that together form an entertaining and interactive quiz with questions and assignments. All participants are activated with tasks and small assignments.

Runtime: 25 min (can be adjusted according to your wishes (25-50 min)).

Price: 10 000 SEK (exl moms)

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21_01_05 Musikquiz 003.jpg
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